Death of the Cold Call: The "New" Prospecting Strategies


Death of the Cold Call: The "New" Prospecting Strategies

August 24th, 2017 // 1:00 PM EDT

Join Rod Santomassimo, President and Founder of the Massimo Group for this exclusive, free masterclass on the new methods of prospecting used by Massimo Member Top Producers.

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No one likes cold calling. You are interrupting busy people. You are leaving messages...or not. You call and call and call and rarely get people on the phone.

But there is a better way. There is a way to set up the prospecting dial so that more people take your call. There is a way to demonstrate your expertise and train your prospects to look forward to your call. It is possible...and so much more effective.

What you will learn during this free masterclass:

  • How to systematize your prospecting to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • What to do to get your prospects to take your call
  • Best practices in building campaigns around your calls so that you can find and win higher-quality opportunities

Imagine if you could get twice the amount of people on the phone while making less calls. Imagine your prospects taking your call and being excited it is you on the line. Imagine if you never made another cold call in your life. Join us for this exclusive masterclass to find out how.

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